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​Tibetan Mastiff

Lifespan: 12-15 Years

Size: Large

Blog by Thomas Barbosa, Age 11, son of Vander Barbosa, owner of flying fur.

​Breed Profiles


Male:10-16 in.

Female:8-14 in.

Maine Coon

Group: Working

Size: Large

Large and lovable, Tibetan Mastiffs are the perfect pet for anyone who likes a large, friendly, and loyal companion. Commonly used as watchdogs, these huggable heavyweights were once used as war dogs. Their eyesight and smell was key to detecting a battle in advance. The breed is also used for herding and protecting goats, sheep, and cattle. Nowadays, Tibetan Mastiffs are kept as guard dogs, and sometimes just as lovable companions.

Lifespan:              Weight:

12.5 Years             Male: 13-18 lb.

                              Female: 8-12 lb.



Female: 24 In. (Minimum)

Male: 26 In. (Minimum)

The Main Coon is the largest breed of domestic cat. The breed is generally friendly, hence the nickname "Gentle giant". A Coon's tail is very fluffy, much like a raccoon's tail. It takes slower to grow and mature, so it doesn't reach its full size until it is three to five years old. The Maine Coon is a long or medium haired cat. The coat is silky, and has a wide variation of colors. Maine Coons have a lion-like ruff around the neck area. They have a thick coat to stand up to cold, harsh weather. According to the legend, Maine coons were the descendants of longhair cats released by English seafarer Charles Coon.


(Male & Female) 140- 180 Lb.

Framingham 508 877 8177

Medway 508 533 6228