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What to expect from our Daycare:

First timers:

Your great Daycare experience starts with the interview! To make sure that your dog plays well with others and fits into our pack well, we ask your pet to come for a free interview that usually lasts 3 - 4 hours. This time frame lets us evaluate your dog and lets your dog get used to you dropping off and picking up.

A Typical Day:

A typical day for your dog doesn't include crates, runs, or kennels. When it's warm enough the dogs rotate being outside almost every hour. In the colder months they have to stay in longer to protect their paws, but they still get to play in the snow! Nap time on comfy blankets and beds is taken whenever your dog is tired! The dogs are fed lunch around noon, they are fed separately and in a separate room. If your dog has other dietary needs we can meet them.

And, of course, they will get plenty of snuggles and attention from our dedicated Daycare staff.

Our Hours:

Our hours are 7 - 7 Monday - Friday, and 8 - 4 Saturdays. (We have separate holiday hours that will be known to you.) Half days are not available but you can pick your dog up whenever you need to.

The perks of being a regular daycare client:

Flying Fur defines a regular daycare client as someone that brings their dog at least twice a week on a regular basis. For these clients we offer free regular nail trims when your dog needs them (Free Nail Trims only Framingham location) and if you have a short haired breed (Lab, Hound, Boxer, Etc.) then you receive the $29 Bath Special whenever you bathe your dog with us.

Why Doggie Daycare?


The exercise, routine, and socialization that your dog will get at Doggie Daycare will help promote a well balanced dog. A well balanced dog is a dog that gets enough exercise, structure, and love.

Energy Level.

After coming to Doggie Daycare your dog will be as tired as you are after work! This will let you both relax and have some quality time without having to worry about your dog's exercise needs.

Attention & Care.

Doggie Daycare is designed with your dog in mind. Everything we do, we do for your dog. As a busy professional you can rest assured knowing your dog is getting the attention and care that they need while you're working.

Doggie Daycare

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